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Industrial Oils

Industrial Oils

Features and Usage Areas
They are used as pressure oils of hydraulic systems, protecting hard-working hydraulic systems from high pressure and heavy load stress. Contains substances that increase aging levels and prevent corrosion. It provides the best protection to expensive equipment with special anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. It reduces repair and maintenance costs by expanding the drainage intervals.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a high quality industrial gearbox oil developed for all gear systems operating under heavy operating conditions in the industry and requiring extreme pressure (EP) properties. By preventing friction, it provides protection against scratches, abrasions and pitting that may occur on the gear surface, and helps gears to work more efficiently. It provides maximum protection against wear at low temperatures and prevents deposit formation due to oxidation at high temperatures. It provides excellent protection against rust, corrosion and foam formation as it does not mix with water in case of contact.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a high performance compressor oil produced for the lubrication and cooling of screw, paddle and reciprocating air compressors used in industrial, commercial and special cooling systems. It is compatible with the sealing elements in the compressors. Since it is suitable for use in all kinds of evaporation temperatures, it does not cause sludge even at low temperatures, and it eliminates the possibility of explosion and fire by minimizing carbon formation due to oxidation at high air outlet temperatures. 68 is produced for screw and vane compressors and 220 is produced for reciprocating compressors.


Features and Usage Areas
It is an oil formulated from base oils obtained from modern refining processes and special additives. It provides long-term protection by performing the lubrication task completely in various machines used in the textile industry.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a qualified blend oil produced by the combination of paraffinic based high quality base oils with appropriate additives and emulsifiers. It is used in the production of yarns used in the cotton and woolen fabric industry, and in spinning machines where wool and synthetic fibers are turned into yarn. Thanks to its water solubility feature, it allows the threads to be easily washed and combed, and it is easily separated from the fabric when washed. With its anti-static feature, it reduces the formation of static electricity. It is used by forming an emulsion with water.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a qualified oil formulated from mineral-based quality base oils. It makes excellent lubrication in truck dumpers.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a qualified oil formulated from mineral-based quality base oils. It provides excellent lubrication in sawing machines used in wood cutting operations.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a high quality oil used in the construction industry and concrete industry, for the lubrication of steel, plastic and wooden molds. Thanks to its low viscosity, it forms a thin film layer inside the mold and prevents the concrete from sticking to the mold and provides a smooth surface. In addition, since it does not leave any residue in the mold, it eliminates the need for cleaning and ensures that it can be reused. It prevents rusting of metal parts such as nails and iron.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a slide oil designed for the lubrication requirements of machine tool slides and tables operating under heavy load. It forms a film layer between the contacting surfaces of all horizontal or vertical skids and prevents abrasions, and allows smooth, uninterrupted, vibration-free and silent operation under all kinds of heavy loads. Thanks to its excellent sliding and low pouring point, it drips easily and ensures that the slides work efficiently for a long time.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a cutting oil that can be used in all kinds of metalworking operations such as cutting, drilling and threading. It can be used on castings, steel and aluminum alloys. It reduces the formation of chips and the resulting metal loss due to the fact that it acts as cutting, cooling and washing. It increases the production efficiency by eliminating the formed chips. It extends the life of the cutting tools by preventing the wear. However, the stain that the sulfur in the extreme pressure additive content may leave on the yellow metals should be taken into consideration. With its excellent lubricating feature, it prevents metal to metal welding. Being suitable for multi-purpose use reduces the variety of products to be used and saves on production costs.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a heat transfer oil designed to be used in systems where heat transmission is required such as food, plastic, building materials, paint industries. Thanks to its high thermal stability, it prevents oxidation and the formation of deposits due to this, less evaporation, low temperature 

On the other hand, it provides ease of operation by making easy circulation. During use, care should be taken that the temperature of the heat transfer oil does not exceed 320 °C and the oil film temperature does not exceed 340 °C, circulation must be started before heating and continued for at least two hours after heating. Heating pipes should not be in direct contact with the flame in order to prevent molecular deterioration due to sudden temperature rises. Due to the expansion property of mineral oils when heated, an expansion tank must be present at the top of the system and the oil temperature in this tank should not exceed 60 °C. The first heating up to 110 °C should be done slowly, and the water vapor and trapped air should be discharged through ventilation valves.


Features and Usage Areas
It is a multi-purpose metalworking oil used by mixing with water and forming an emulsion. In addition to being used as a lubricant and coolant in cutting, drilling and grinding operations of metals such as steel, aluminum, cast iron and copper alloys, it is also very suitable for light, medium and heavy metal removal operations. It reduces bacterial growth and ensures a long life of the emulsion. Protects metal surfaces against rust and abrasion. It helps to keep the treated surface smooth and clean. Thanks to its emulsion stability, it maintains its performance even in hard water. For the best results, it is used by slowly adding 5-10% into the water. It is never applied by adding water to the oil.

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